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Who we are

Our Mission is to know, grow and go.

Know God. Grow like Jesus. Go tell others.

Our Leaders
Victor Moore

Victor works with young people in Alternative Education. He's married to Marie, and they have one son and a daughter. Victor is a graduate of the "Church in Hard Places" ministry apprenticeship. 

wiremu King

Wiremu is the caretaker at our local primary school. He's married to Raven, and they have five kids.  

Jordan cox

Jordan works in the horticulture industry. He's married to Jade, and they have two kids.


Our Leaders: Jordan, Victor & Wiremu


speaks of the story and cultural heritage of Hastings


we want to be a group that reflects our local community, and where anyone is welcome to find out about the Christian message


we are first-and-foremost a bunch of Jesus' followers - committed to growing in our faith and spreading the good news about Jesus

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